Our Approach to
Search Engine Optimization
for Small Businesses


it all starts with your customer

We take a methodical, classic, proven approach to Search Engine Optimization, SEO for Small Business Owners.


What is your customer looking for?


What are your customers' pain points?


How do you solve their problems?


How do you show your authority?

Only after you answer those questions can you begin optimizing your website for the best result.

Think Like Google.

SEO Services For Small Business starts with mindset: If you would like your website to rank higher in search engines, you need to think like those who are ranking your site.

Our SEO services for small business start by asking what is important to Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and others.


If a search engine returned terrible websites, or websites without good information all the time, what would people do? They would use another search engine!

It is in the best interest of each Search Engine to return the BEST and MOST RELEVANT websites for each search query.

Establish a Baseline.

The second step to optimizing a small business website for search is to understand how your site is set up and performing now, as well as how do search engines view your site currently?

We will run an audit and let you know what each of these items mean and where your site stands on the following: 

  • Domain Authority Score
  • Sitemap.xml uploaded to GSC
  • Keywords Ranking for Currently
  • Backlink Profile
  • Indexing Errors
  • Duplicate Pages/Content
  • Manual Actions 
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SSL Certificate
  • Site Speed
  • Broken Links
  • Meta Titles and Descriptions
  • Proper Use of Headings
  • Image Optimization 
  • Complete Content
  • Google Business Profile
  • Local Business Structured Data
  • Directories and Citations
  • Review Management 

Document Customer Pain Points.

Let's make your website the best it can be, and for that, we need to step into your customers' shoes.

Understanding their struggles and realizing how your solution improves their situation is key.

We've designed an engaging exercise that will help both you and us to align with your customers' perspective. This activity promises to bring immense value to every aspect of your marketing, enhancing your business on multiple fronts. So, let's embark on this journey of optimization together!

Choose Keywords.

Time to get to work.

Building on our previous exercise, where we identified your customers' pain points, we're now primed to undertake some insightful keyword research.

We're about to uncover the real-world phrases and keywords that Internet users are genuinely inputting into online search boxes.


Our goal?

To select words that strike the perfect balance -high search volume, yet not too competitive.

Once we've assembled this treasure trove of keyword phrases, we'll strategically assign them across your website's pages.

Let's navigate this SEO Services For Small Business journey intelligently and optimally!


Fix Large Issues.

We're committed to honing in on any challenges your website might be facing as best we can. It's important that we tackle these issues head-on, as they can significantly influence your search rankings.

We will give you a list of items that need to be fixed by your web developer (or we might be able to help you fix them).

Let's work together to iron out these wrinkles!

Local Business Information.

This is a crucial SEO service for small business

If you're a local business catering to a community, your Google Business Profile, Directories, and Citations significantly contribute to your online visibility.

Your aim should be to featured in the "local pack" - the map that pops up when users search for services local to them. To secure a spot there, it's crucial that your Google Business Profile is accurate and comprehensive. We'll work with you to optimize your profile.

But that's not all! Your business inevitably appears in various internet directories, which may sometimes host incorrect information about you. We'll diligently submit corrections for any misinformation, and to enhance your online presence, we'll also add new listings. For US businesses, we can potentially extend your presence to up to 120 sites. 

It's all about ensuring the digital world knows the real you!

Optimize Web Pages.

We've nailed down your messaging and completed extensive keyword research.

We've paired each keyword phrase with a relevant page on your website.

Now it is time to get to work and make changes on your website to optimize your pages for search engines, using the keyword phrases we worked on earlier. 

We'll equip you with all the necessary amendments to pass along to your developer. 

Content Strategy & Calendar.

Now it is time to move into a new phase: developing new content. 

Together, using our carefully curated keyword phrases, we'll craft a content calendar. Think of this as a roadmap for all the engaging blog posts we're going to produce for your website.

Rules for our content:

  1. Original content
  2. Written for humans first, search engines next
  3. Helpful to others

Every blog post we craft will be exclusively tailored to your business. To ensure authenticity, we'll setup a monthly interview with you. This session will inform the four blog posts for that month, making each piece of content distinctively yours.

For each blog post, we'll design a captivating social media post, primed for sharing on your channels to drive traffic to your website. Plus, we'll pen an enticing email that you can send to your mailing list, further drawing users to your blog.

This strategy, known as "inbound marketing," aims to organically guide visitors to your website. This is an important step in our SEO services for small business.

Our content calendar won't just be a schedule; it'll be a conversation with potential customers at every step of their journey. From awareness and engagement to conversion, retention, and loyalty -we'll have it all covered. 

Backlink Profile.

You might be familiar with the term 'backlinks' -these are essentially links that point back to your website.

Your goal is to garner as many backlinks from credible websites as you can.


Because search engines interpret this as a signal that trustworthy companies value what you offer enough to link to your website.

In fact, search engines examine where your website's links are coming from to gauge its authority.

While backlinks can either be paid for or obtained for free, we'll suggest ways to secure as many authentic and high-quality backlinks as possible for your site.

We will also "disavow" any toxic backlinks as this can hurt your online profile.