Welcome to Toto SEO!

Let's get going!


We're thrilled to collaborate with you on enhancing your online presence. Here are some initial tasks for you. You'll find the majority of the beginning steps outlined in our Client Dashboard, which you can access at:


Use the password 'serp' to access the page.

At the moment, you only need to complete steps 1, 2, and 3.

Things you can do today or tomorrow:

  1. Please fill out this client intake form if you have not already: https://totoseo.com/clients/client-onboarding/
  2. Watch the video in Step 1: Understanding SEO and Search Engines. (password: serp)  This is going to get us on the same page and give you an overall picture of how search engines understand your site, and how we are going to be targeting our ideal customers.  While you are watching this video, write down anything confusing, and jot down any questions you have to ask us. Please don't skip this step.
  3. Please schedule our first 40-minute kickoff/discovery meeting sometime within the next week using the calendar in Step 1. Bring any questions from the video you have to this meeting. During this meeting, we will also get to know your business. Have the answers to the questions in Step 1 read for us!